Saucy Riot Hot Sauce

Saucy Riot Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

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Vibrant and sunny, this hot sauce is totally addictive. Pizza, taco, burrito, dumpling, noodles, stir fried dishes, there are so many way to enjoy this sauce.

Size: 4 oz bottle

Ingredients: Organic Peach, Mango, Garlic, Dijon Mustard, Sea Salt, Olive Oil, White Vinegar and our exclusive farm grown Carolina Reapers and Ghost Peppers.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ken Nguyen
The best spicy sauce!

My favorite hot sauce is Sriracha, or should I say "was", because Saucy Riot is now my number 1 hot sauce that I put in almost every dish every day.

They come in a cute 4.5in bottle with a simple label. No need to have a fancy bottle because the most important part is the sauce inside.

I tried all three of them, HOT, HOT AF, and Stupid flavors. They are all amazingly spicy, but my favorite is Stupid because it's the hottest. However, they all have the Carolina Reaper which is the world's hottest chili. When the sauce first touches your tongue, you feel the heat right away, that amazing feeling of spicy awesomeness!

Karen Eichler
Amazing Flavor!

Whatever heat level you like, this sauce has amazing flavor! Whatever the recipe, it is tried and truly consistent- great heat and flavor balance every time!

K. Win
Amazing Sauce!

Love these sauces so much I could shower in them! Definitely recommend this for every hot sauce connoisseur out there and hot sauce lovers alike!


Love these hot sauces. So much flavor . My friends love the AF and Stupid but we are HOT people. We take these sauces to dinner parties :)
We were introduced to these by our friend Arthur and we cannot get enough.
Are you going to sell the dry version soon?